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Name: Download ARC2019 - Dule [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ARC2019
Version: 26-Jan-2019
Released: 26-Jan-2019
TMX id: 7316940
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 37,617
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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5:44.89   ALF.esu+ 0:00.0037,617
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5:51.33   shortz.esu+ 0:06.4433,402
5:56.24   AR »Mudda+ 0:11.3530,189
6:05.02   Snellejasper+ 0:20.1324,443
6:06.03   der-bozz.esu+ 0:21.1423,782
6:08.91   jumper.esu+ 0:24.0221,897
6:10.82   jurajojo+ 0:25.9320,647
6:26.92   MR+ 0:42.0310,112
6:36.43   One.+ 0:51.543,888
6:39.47   JoFo.+ 0:54.581,898
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Author Comments

ARC 2019, Round 1

Mapper:   Dule

Register for the tournament

Screenshot by none other than   .Ornaiim

User Comments
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  Dule 26-Jan-2019
mmmm spicy screen Orna
  Lovva 26-Jan-2019
looking replay
  aiden.KraL' 26-Jan-2019
damn orna, sick
  elaus43 26-Jan-2019
i tried about 1 hour and had to realize that i missed a cp right at the start
Also you can jump straight from the "Roof" to the cp down on dirt and not go for the 2 rings on the right wave line
Here you better closed the roofs completely
  .Ornaiim 26-Jan-2019
  Vønix!« 27-Jan-2019
This is a bad map, period.
  Dule 27-Jan-2019

lmao Quat nt
  aiden.KraL' 27-Jan-2019
at least you finished Quat I spent 45min to find out I missed a CP.
  Lovva 27-Jan-2019
5.30 online is hack or cut for sure.

Map, yes, It is great challange for sure. had to use all skills i had to finish this, and most of time it was quite funny, scenery is perfect, mod could be better but this is not bad either. id say like 8/10 map overall, if we look just rpg maps, then this is 9/10

But then, as ARC map, i dont think this is good. this is way too hard to such <"hunting<" competitions. 3/10 as ARC map.

My first 9.30 were quite good run, but then there was 2 different trick that ate lots of time.

for me its not worth to hunt or play again, even my best run would be max 15min about, and i already see so many kids done it in less than 10, i never could do that.
  wormi 29-Jan-2019
Maybe nice map, first run experience was pain in the ass as always with rpg maps, but I guess some parts become cool when you know where go. I totally hate pathfinding

Second run was mostly good, only the part where you should go down to thin corner to left is pain in the ass. Third finish same thing, 90 % cool map but that part is just horrible to me
  Dule 01-Feb-2019
I promise you, my other tracks are just as bad
  wormi 02-Feb-2019
Haha, still better than my rpgs since I never manage(d) to finish anything!
  KarjeN 05-Feb-2019
These dirtflips are way too random imo. Especially in cam 3 you have no idea what's going on.
  One. 06-Feb-2019
The track is ok and actually fun to hunt, but those blind "speed turns" (which are 4!) killed my patience too much.. Also there's some spots where cam 1 is impossible to drive with..
  legigantesqueelephant 08-Feb-2019
i think this map is difficulty expert or lunatic not just intermediate its my opinion,after 1hour29min im still in the map i have come here for tell that i think the map is fucking hard even when i take boost for respawn, you wont have my award and i wish you made better map next time, made map when you respawn the boost is not too hard to take, i have finally finish the map in 1hour 52min.xx time i have put my replay on tmx .Also close to the end of the map i didnt know at the begin its need jump on the kind of castle thing i thought was at left so i spend some minute trying to jump on a road with a jump i realize was alot too hard there was a checkpoint over the road,i have even try to i think bug under the road for jump over with a bug but its didnt function so i thought was the way until i realize was not the way maybe i have try the castle thing before and failed at it also so i was like its maybe the castle thing block i need jump on it until i realize its was this but until the end of the map i didnt know if i had miss the checkpoint that i have choose to not go because was closely impossible to jump on it but its was fine i guess was a checkpoint i already reach in the map but i didnt remember have reach that checkpoint or i thought was another part closely similar that i need reach the checkpoint.My time is in only one try and i didnt watch a replay of people in top 10 tmx time before try the map so i think its maybe a good map finally because maybe with time im gonna be able do all the checkpoint in the map without use the respawn boost so like this i think its a good map.During i have do the map i think i have hate the map but i think after the map that i think i realize the map with some round is good because i just hate the respawn boost that are i think hard to use but i think the map is possible without using it with good speed so like this the map is good i think so my time is i think not good but its just my first round in the map and there is some part i have loss many time because i didnt really know how to do the part of the map for example i have loss i think maybe 20-30min at the part that there is a boost and a boost in the air that need to reach for reach the other boost i didnt know there was a boost in the air until i think i have try to jump on the block and i have see there is a boost in the air also,and i have loss time like i said at the end of the map maybe i think 20min there because i didnt know where to go and also i have loss 20min at a part just for respawn but if i had good speed i could have do the part maybe in one try also i have loss again 20min at the turn slide block in the air i didnt know if was better go forward or backward i have try both way i have already do block like this but i think was maybe i think first time a block like this that turn with a wall close of it,i have already slide on block with wall close but that not turn this one turn and normally i try to balance little at right and left and i reach only one wheel on the slide block and 3 wheel not touch the block and its more fast but i didnt been able put only one wheel on the block this time without fail so i have been able do the slide block turn backward with 4 wheel on the block but its was i think very slow just to finish the slide block so if i do the part good i can do it in maximum 2min maybe in 1min and i have even return to see if there was other way before reach the slide good so i have loss time there like i said before and there is another part i have loss maybe 2min in the dirt part i didnt really know if was good part and i have loss maybe 4-5 min at a part need jump in a hole with a curve block and also i think closely all part i have loss some time there because i have need take i think all respawn boost so if i play the map alot i can finish the map in i think maybe 7min or i think i can maybe in high 6min maybe better time but not sure i think 5min.x time seem very good i think i like the map
  |PT| CakeyFA 09-Feb-2019
In there somewhere is the longest sentence ever.
  Lewis° 09-Feb-2019
Yeah one of the longest comments I've ever seen on tmx
  legigantesqueelephant 09-Feb-2019
i have want put it little longer but there was maximum letter or word to put in a comment its was write 4000 character i think haha here the sentence i have want put also: well if i didnt have reach all respawn boost i think i have closely reach all of it, and my line was maybe not good in part also during jump this is why i think i can do a time alot better but i think i dont want do a better time today i think maybe later im gonna try do better time
  meNtality.wp 10-Feb-2019
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   pLexT 26-Jan-2019
Some really nice ideas and great flow... EXCEPT for cp 0-1 which you can totally miss! Everybody missed it. Also cp 23? with the back-up boost was a bit awkward.
But overall i really liked it. ++
User Award   elaus43 26-Jan-2019
Hidden boost challenge
User Award   aiden.KraL' 26-Jan-2019
I do like this track a lot - just not so much as a compo track because a bit too many parts are inconsistent / luck-based. Like the dirt-flips are actually quite ok most of the time but how and where you end up landing, complete randomness.
But anyways, the track itself is awesome! Cool ideas everywhere, good mix of flowy sections and more slow and technical areas. Especially liked the atmosphere and design of the whole route, you really incorporated the industrial theme of the mod well into the track and scenery. I spent some time driving outside the buildings exploring stuff and looking for cuts, and holy shit did you spend a lot of time on the details. Which made the exploring even more fun although I wasn't able to find a cut so far. It's obvious that you put some serious effort into this!

Great track, great aesthetics, well done!

User Award   sef.Paras! 26-Jan-2019
iam right with aiden
User Award   Quat 27-Jan-2019
i hated every single second of this map. i was in a state of constant fear for 52 minutes, expecting to miss any amount of cps, just to let this nightmare-come-reality waste even more precious time of my life. take this very cathartic
User Award   grobec 27-Jan-2019
To be honest, I could have written the same thing as Quat in his award for my first run, but it was really better during my second run, so
User Award   aeq.ex 27-Jan-2019
Quite painful to hunt to be honest, but still a nice map!
Don't use the dirt jumps ever again please
User Award   Lovva 27-Jan-2019
User Award   Sky.esu 31-Jan-2019
good start to the competition with such a map
User Award   MR 31-Jan-2019
A great RPG to start the ARC
User Award   Pecorenzo 31-Jan-2019
User Award   legigantesqueelephant 08-Feb-2019
User Award   Pi malun 11-Feb-2019
Really enjoyed this one
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