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Name: Download Orgueil x Orgueil [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   kill.evil
Version: 02-Nov-2019
Released: 02-Nov-2019
TMX id: 7614735
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,279
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
10:25.95   berk1n+ 0:00.0032,279
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
10:28.20   Wirtual #mot+ 0:02.2531,583
10:43.20   simo_900+ 0:17.2526,941
11:52.21   jurajojo+ 1:26.265,589
12:40.81   SkandeaR+ 2:14.860
13:16.64   sogard7+ 2:50.690
13:35.77   paxiuz+ 3:09.820
13:38.92   shortz.esu+ 3:12.970
14:22.12   jumper.esu+ 3:56.170
15:25.92   ALF.esu+ 4:59.970
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Author Comments


There it is. The best map you've ever played. Enjoy.

Well to be honest it isn't. But I believe that it can still be a fun experience. I tried to put as many fun, unconventionnal and refreshing tricks in this map. Most of them wont work on your first try, you have to understand them and train in order to do them correctly.
It won't be (too) hard to finish but I believe it to be quite challenging to hunt due to the number of tricks you are not used to.


You can expect your first run to be beteen 45min and 1h30. (2h00 if you are a beginner or you suck at understanding tricks c: )
A mistake-less run should be a high 11:xx/low 12:xx. A "perfect" run would be around 11:3x.
edit: maybe a low/mid 10:xx then


The map is 18k heavy, so, if like me you have a potato PC...sorry. Also, the map is quite open, thus there are many blocs and textures on the screen at anytime. You might have to lower your settings to keep the fps high enough.


Just like for my last map Quintessence of One's Disappointment, I changed the textures' colors of an already existing great mod. This time I edited Hawger's Terra India and changed for a greenish/ bluish vibe.I also changed a few textures.
Terra India 2


Thanks to the Ziza team for beta testing this map and holding this amazing cup:
and ofc ZIZA


I hope you'll enjoy playing it and have fun.

PS: I'm not even ashamed of this screen.

User Comments
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  Sky.esu 02-Nov-2019
omg first
  Joopie 02-Nov-2019
This screenshot xDD
  kill.evil 02-Nov-2019
I was supposed to upload my at to help you guys but didn't work so fuck it I guess

Here's my at Click Here !
  simo_900 04-Nov-2019
had 2 respawns and ~4 fails such as turtles etc, those took like 30 seconds. you can also surely gain like 20 seconds by just driving faster than me, so low 10 max, pretty hard to pull off though
  kill.evil 04-Nov-2019
nice replay simo ! didn't expect you to be the first one to go down to 11:00, guess I should be honored of you being interrested enough in this map to hunt it
It is such a shame that there is a cut at cp28 tho
  simo_900 05-Nov-2019
seems like I lost ~55 secs to mistakes and respawns on new rec, so true mistakeless run would be 9:5x if driven by me
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User Awards
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User Award   bast7mon 06-Nov-2019
crazy stuff, motivated me to build a transitional map again.
User Award   mcplaya27 06-Nov-2019
Absolutely insane. Love this track. Keepin the RPG scene fresh.
User Award   casper #mot 06-Nov-2019
Saw this on Wirtual's stream, awesome work man holy shit
User Award   Rainy 06-Nov-2019
Crazy inventive tricksters
User Award   Reahx 06-Nov-2019
User Award   wojoradi 07-Nov-2019
User Award   Edge.Fwo 07-Nov-2019
User Award   117poupipomme 07-Nov-2019
a m a z i n g
User Award   hauv 07-Nov-2019
User Award   Tres 07-Nov-2019
Epic Map
User Award   Loe 22-Nov-2019
absolutely kickass. each time a unique experience to play a map from you. i actually didn't expect a new one after all this time.
User Award   eagles91 23-Nov-2019

Jolie travail
User Award   2Mathway 23-Nov-2019
User Award   Kristina 08-Feb-2020
Very, very nice map! I like it!
User Award   Lain. 17-Mar-2020
User Award   Lewis° 14-Apr-2020
Awesome map!
The first run was very painful though I played it online with 3-4 experienced friends and we all struggled a lot. You're 2h estimate for beginner is quite wrong it took more than 3 h for non-beginner players but then improved my time to 19 mins
User Award   ikvat 24-Apr-2020
Pretty map
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