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Name: Download CCP#02 - Book of Secrets.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Vixen.«
Version: 02-Dec-2019
TMX id: 7650252
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,059
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
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0:50.46   pascow.esu+ 0:00.258,788
0:50.60   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.398,636
5:04.28   legigantesquee...+ 4:14.070
0:50.49   Switch+ 0:00.28-
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Author Comments

---*~*CCP#02 - 2019*~*---

Hello TMX!
After not posting any new track, due to personal complications and a very difficult year, for almost a year now, I finally found my way back on track and with that I also started building again. Building actually helped me get through the rough phases this year. It's an honour to be part again of CCP. This time I tried to make something transitional but in a way the track stays somewhat huntable. It's a smooth transitional fullspeeder that gradually becomes faster and more of a normal FS map. It contains several hard jumps. I think the jump towards the sculpture will cause quite the havoc for some, if you have problems with it try to have your jump offset as much to the right as possible. The other parts are probably pretty doable with a bit of practising.

Scenery is quite heavy with 10434c of weight. With the morning mood it probably looks even heavier than it is. Furthermore the amounts of bugs that can be triggered is pretty high, sorry xdddd. Overall, the bugs shouldn't cause big trouble if you drive the perfect line. GPS time is 50.45, which is beatable but pretty fast as well. The finish should work very smooth into a wall if you drive the right line. I decided not to use the mod. Simo's mod is amazing but I think I didn't make the right scenery to make it suitable. x)

Sidequest. Do NOT comment any codes below in the comments, you would ruin it for everyone. Please PM the code to me
The track is called Book of Secrets, and not without reason. Santa has to travel a lot within a single night, and therefore sometimes loses something while going from place to place. While flying over this stadium, he lost his Book of Secrets, in which all the present wishes of the children are written. The elves can't leave their place and that's why you need to find the book. The elves left clues behind to find the book, but it won't be easy. During the treasure hunt, you will be phasing several different challenges, including pathfinding, dirt racing, tech and maybe even more. The first 5 players to find the correct place where you receive the code and PMs me this code will get a prize. Others will be granted infinite fame!
Book of Secrets found by:
1. Joopie!
2. Kumpelblase!
3. Muffeyo!

Extra sidequest Do NOT comment any codes below, you would ruin it for everyone. Please PM the code to me
Santa also lost multiple gems while flying over the stadium. If you find anyone of these and PM the code that belongs to them, you will get infinite fame (Sorry, my united account suddenly didn't work anymore, can't give coppers). All of these gems are reachable if you start at the ground level dirt, but are located atleast 1 block higher. Several hints are in this author comment below each gem. All names that find it will be shown here.

Blue gem so far found by:
- Joopie
- Muffeyo
Located mid-east, 4th block in height from ground.

Green gem so far found by:
- Joopie
Located mid-southeast, 3rd block in height.

Pink gem so far found by:
- Joopie
- Muffeyo
Located mid-north, 6th block in height.

Yellow gem so far found by:
- Joopie
Located very close to the start

Red gem so far found by:
- Joopie
- Muffeyo
Located north-west, 3rd block in height.

Let's see how many of you can find em!

Special thanks!
First I want to thank Shortz for hosting this amazing community calender! Also thanks to Seb, who will make several videos about the CCP maps!

Big thanks to Sniper for making this cool screen I love it! Please check out his latest creation.

#jumponit by   .Sniper

I hope you will enjoy the map! I'm glad I'm part of this community that still is around despite how old this game is. You guys are amazing. Cherish your loved ones and keep smiling Merry Christmas!

A tribute to Riet and Lotte

User Comments
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  Vixen.« 02-Dec-2019
Thanks for the awards:
- Joopie
- Reality
- Simo, haha I first planned it to make the car go sideways into those blue/white side-platform corners which works, but it is hard to drive right. Therefore I went for this alternative, glad you like it
- ArmNawaphat
- Krocix
- Elaus, your awards are always special
- Marlon
- Seb
- Keissla
- Kumpel
- Xxlr8
- Arien
- Dule
- Mentality
- Threading
- Xeqzion
- Tarkhh
- Mathway
- Agent, I assume i'd be done after 2 finishes too haha
- Magik
- Triple.Shoot, haha xd
- Muffeyo
- Hauv
- Joost
- Deymon
- Pascow
- Craxx
- Drpz0r
- Cybernetic
- Stefan Markus ghehe, i bet that was a surprise haha
  Kumpelblase 02-Dec-2019
Camchange at the first wall?
  ArmNawaphatTH 02-Dec-2019
Look Like This For On GPS
  Switch 02-Dec-2019
I actually like the lack of camchange^^ not the rest unfortunately. The scenery is just too much, too many blocks everywhere and that doesn't look good, and the track feels short despite being 50 seconds long because you have those long straights with nothing happening The drop from sculpture is great tho. I'll try to go for the quests, looks like you did a great job with that
  Vixen.« 02-Dec-2019
God I knew i forgot something :c I can update it if switch is cool with it?
  elaus43 02-Dec-2019
better update before to many replays are given - switch already know this procedure^^
  Vixen.« 02-Dec-2019
  Triple.shoot 02-Dec-2019
"They couldn't find anyone better?" How "rude"!

Jokes aside, I'll test the track later and see if I've patient to see where the gems are.
  Joopie 02-Dec-2019
Really enjoyed the ''Adventure Side Questing''
  Switch 03-Dec-2019
Figured I'd answer here since the amount of work you put into this deserves another comment.
The track has many good parts, I mentioned the drop from sculpture, the finish jump is another cool spot. The whole package is inconsistent switching between tougher transitions (start, wall entrance, jump to sculpture) and straight parts (the to exit is very long). I would add that the start doesn't fit here on a track with very few opportunities to gain speed or time, you basically have to restart many times until you get a decent start (or maybe I'm bad at it xD). A couple more frustrating spots (the wall entry, the big jump, I failed the ending more than I should have) prevent me from awarding this.
Same goes for the scenery, some spots are nice to look at. However the thing as a whole is a little confused, it feels like you tried to fill the whole stadium - the whole ground - with blocks. In the end it's over the top imo.
Overall it wasn't a comment to roast the track, more of an attempt to share my feelings about it. It's honestly a quality track, it just has some flaws that prevent me from enjoying it.
  Vixen.« 03-Dec-2019
Fair enough, can't argue with that ^^
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User Awards
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User Award   Triple.shoot 03-Dec-2019
Soild one!
Lazy to do the side quest tho..
User Award   Muffeyo 03-Dec-2019
Incredible map
Side quest was super creative, enjoyed it a lot
User Award   hauv 03-Dec-2019
Really good work
User Award   Joost»LT 03-Dec-2019
Incredible track, really
Just love the overall vibe of this track,
its chill and speedy, but still flashy with great jumps and some creative blockuses

Especially the road section with the jump to sculpture is just magical
Still have to master the line there, it felt as if that pole just before the jump is a little too restricting

The rest of the track is great aswell. Final corner is kind of wide and slightly boring, but that finish more than makes up for it
User Award   Deymon 03-Dec-2019
Imagine FPS...
User Award   craxx - gone 04-Dec-2019
User Award   pascow.esu 04-Dec-2019
The scenery is well, let's call it messy while the route itself is pretty interesting (and buggy), love the sculpture part + the finish line a lot though.
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 05-Dec-2019
This thing, jeez... really nice route, especially appreciate the fresh small inflatable transition uses, and dang the scenery, including the wall after finish, that's some good stuff
User Award   AR »Cybernetic 06-Dec-2019
User Award   stefan_markus 14-Dec-2019
Lovely track, epsecially the sidequest. I really liked how you guide the driver through those narrow spots. And oh boy I was not ready for that second sculpture jump..
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