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Name: Download Sunny Days.°11
Pack: Download Sunny Days
By:   dow|.Dave.
Version: 06-Jan-2009
Released: 06-Jan-2009
TMX id: 765408
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:28.05   sulazdk+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:28.11   Harry.esu+ 0:00.06-
0:28.14   AR /wind+ 0:00.09-
0:28.18   AR »Cybernetic+ 0:00.13-
0:28.26   Flexi a bit active again+ 0:00.21-
0:28.27   pascow.esu+ 0:00.22-
0:28.29   dow|Boomer+ 0:00.24-
0:28.32   dow|.Dave.+ 0:00.27-
0:28.32   AR »Down.+ 0:00.27-
0:28.34   devi.aR+ 0:00.29-
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Author Comments

Sunny Days.°14 by   dow|.Dave.

Sunny Days.°11(06.01.2009)

Well, I'm proud to present you my new track in the SunnyDays-Series finally. It's of course again a short fullspeedtrack with a lot of tricky parts and cool jumps'nd drops. I really enjoy driving it and it's good for hunting. Would be nice if you could give a try, leave a comment, replay or award. Thanks for reading the authorcomment!

Track Details
°Coppers: 2600
°Length: 028-29:00
°Difficult: Intermediate
°Wallrides: 2
°Drops: 5
°Intro: Normal One
°GPS: Of course
°Mood: Day
°Style: FS
°Big Screen: *Click
°Fun: I hope
°AT: 0:28.62
°PB: 0:28.32
°Possible: 028.1x?!

Thanks to my great beta-driver:
USMC | Knight

And now, please gentlemans start your engines and have a good ride.
Be craeful mates!

Thanks for the lovely Awards:
01.|Hubaner - Thanks a lot for your great words and 1st Award!
02.|El Cid - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for lovly Award!
03.|ZayL - Thanks m8 for beta-driving and nice Award!
04.|Cheet - Thx for awesome mate! I even guess a .1x is possible!
05.|Boomer - Hehe, thanks mate for your fast Award and nice time!
06.|Dynamite - Thank you very much for this amazing Award!
07.|OWN vgr - Hehe, thanks a lot for the sweet words + Award!
08.|Hitch - Thanks for your nice Award mate!
09.|r4auetzer - Thanks so much for this awesome ! Thanks!
10.|Junavara - I'm glad you like this one, too. Thanks a lot m8!
11.|musatava_dc_ - Thx 4 such kind words! Really nice to hear!
12.|German_Dude - Danke für den super geilen Award!
13.|cayman - .58 in 1st try? As awesome as your Award mate!
14.|****head - Thx a lot my friend for your sweet words!
15.|Jakub19 - Thanks for your cool, nice and great words!
16.|fr3ia - Haha, thanks for your very littel !
17.|Ptitnono - Thx 4 such an awesome again! Really big thx!
18.|Calipso - Thanks 4 ! I'm glad you especially like the start!
19.|InfernO - Big thanks for nice Award and nice Replay!
20.|DoW|Eliphas - Thanks very much for your Award mate!
21.|Danish - Nr.12 will come probably soon! I'm Glad you like them!
22.|Ebbi/GhostDog - Awesome time and awesome .. thanks!
23.|ZopUH - Thanks a lot for your nice words, comment, Award!
24.|CraxX - I'm glad you like it again mate and nice time!
25.|USMC Knight - Hehe, thanks so much for your lovely words m8!
26.|Alba - Thanks for your nice Award Alba mate!
27.|-HQ-CeLoX- - Always nice to recieve an from you! Thx m8!

User Comments
Showing 20 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  dow|.Dave. 06-Jan-2009
  mr.hubby 06-Jan-2009
lol wtf what is that for a video
very funny and strange
  dow|.Dave. 06-Jan-2009
That's a first poster.
  GSA|Cheet 06-Jan-2009
lol justwanted to betatest it and it´s uploaded

will try it now
  dow|.Dave. 06-Jan-2009
Thanks for trying mate and I wish good luck and a lot of fun!
  ,,Januy 06-Jan-2009
aaargh I am getting behind!
  dow|.Dave. 06-Jan-2009
Btw: One minute ago I got a really great round here. Unbelivable start and middelpart. Last wall could be better but I finish it with a 28.32!
  GSA|Cheet 06-Jan-2009
my best at the first cp was a .42 ...
  dow|.Dave. 06-Jan-2009
Yeah my best, too. In my run with a .32 I got a .44 at first cp and lost in last wallride around 3-4 hundreths, too. Rest was nearly perfect. Probably in middel part I lost around 5/100 to perfection. So a .1x must be possible!
  _Mono » 06-Jan-2009
Damn ..
Funny vid man
I'll try it later .!
  dow|.Dave. 06-Jan-2009
Ok, thanks for trying it mate!
Hehe, yeah video is funny.
  ,,Januy 07-Jan-2009
I am getting behind in the series, last one I raced was numba 8 (if I remember right) and I wanted to try them all you remember?
  dow|.Dave. 07-Jan-2009
For sure I remember!
So looks like you missed number 9th, 10th and 11th then?
  ,,Januy 07-Jan-2009
yep, should try them soon
  craxx <3 08-Jan-2009
have a .41 at first cp


replay with a .40 at first cp but raced the rest crappy --> 28.70
  dow|.Dave. 08-Jan-2009
Nice first cp-time!
So far I'm sure a .1x is minimum possible.
Most important part is the drop to the platfrom in the middle.
If you don't fly there you can gain sooo much speed.
  aiden.KraL' 20-Jan-2009
I was very busy the last days so I didn't had a lot of time to test tracks but I finally had some and unfortunately I didn't liked it very much to be honest.
I missed something special in this track, it just wasn't a real pleasure to drive it somehow. Ofc all the jumps and walls are well calculated and have a nice flow but that's not everything. I never really got into the track, I just drove and then 'Oh there's already the finish'. For example you included 2 walls after 20 sec so the finish was quite boring to drive for me. Tracks' beginning are often also not very exciting if there aren't ideas which really kick my ass and the speed is quite low but this isn't a real reason not to award this track. Just missed some more exciting elements, but you did a nice job on the scenery..maybe you could include some more cams in the intro to show something of the track..
  craxx <3 15-Feb-2009
.38 at first cp
  dow|.Dave. 17-Mar-2016
Sick record AR /wind'zor !
  AR /wind 03-Apr-2016
Thx, fked up end a little bit tho.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 40 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Danish 07-Jan-2009
I thought number 10 was the last in the serie, but I was wrong

this is actually one of my favorits
Perfect layuot and awesome scenery
Nice smooth transitions, Especially the uniwue start

good job m8, Im waiting for nr 12

User Award   GhostDog 07-Jan-2009
nice sunny days track
the start is very tricky
the hole track is smooth
awesome flow
lovely scenery
cool screen
the track is just amazing

greetz Doggy
User Award   ZopUH[in TMN] 07-Jan-2009
cool Job-man-realy.
my girl like it=)
to u--->
User Award   craxx <3 08-Jan-2009
crazy track again man

lovely transitions

great speed

even if i dunno how to drive that fast as you xD (think i'll watch replay later)

get ya


User Award   :Kn!ghT. 08-Jan-2009
Awesome track Dave as I said in the BETA area! Great flow, smoothness, and ideas!
User Award   aQ » Alba. 08-Jan-2009
nice track dave

cool flow, sweet start and some addictive seconds
I wish here would be some sunny days without any snow
User Award   -HQ-CeLoX- 08-Jan-2009
Another fine sunny days track ...
...superb work, wonderful to play!
User Award   t00bstAr 09-Jan-2009
For now..
Awesome track..

Now.. Hunting..

~ t00bstAr ~
User Award   homer 09-Jan-2009
speechless oO
User Award   devi.aR 10-Jan-2009
User Award 11-Jan-2009
cool and funny track

realy nice ideas
User Award   peteypablo7 12-Jan-2009
I'm stunned another time
what a cool start you have here
some turns and than speeding to the max
great jumps and very good smooth drops
nice walls and great dirt use
nice ending
User Award   eXtracT 19-Jan-2009
well arn't i suprised.. no.11? well no dissapointment, i loved it

User Award   Metal_Snake 22-Jan-2009
Really awesome job on this one Dave.
I particularly love the wonderfull design, and of course, that delicious flow !
User Award   v.i.rus 09-Mar-2009
Very nice track!
User Award   Humpadumpa 15-Mar-2009
Nice track ^^
User Award   _seba__ 12-Apr-2009
Good job with this track man!
i like it! here's a
User Award   AHiG|Predator41 14-Jul-2009
Awesome track like the other sunny days-tracks!

more of that!
User Award   waldfee 05-Nov-2015
User Award   tweakor 14-Jul-2017
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