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Name: Download Keep it Going
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Bucky
Version: 12-Feb-2009
TMX id: 886023
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 30,756
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:39.17   Akashi | nGine+ 0:00.0030,756
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:39.31   eXtracT+ 0:00.1430,096
0:39.41   Bucky+ 0:00.2429,625
0:39.44   Sebi.nGine | off+ 0:00.2729,484
0:39.54   exe'+ 0:00.3729,013
0:39.58   Dutchy!+ 0:00.4128,824
0:39.61   aQ » Alba.+ 0:00.4428,683
0:39.73   HardDance+ 0:00.5628,118
0:39.82   waldfee+ 0:00.6527,693
0:39.83   smashingdeluxe+ 0:00.6627,646
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Author Comments

K E E P . I T . G O I N G

~The name comes from the name of an album that I love to listen to, and it suits the slides implemented in this track. Starting the slides is easy, but this track challenges the driver because the turns are long but beautifully simple. Flow is very nice, and it really lends itself to better driving. I've spent plenty of time preparing this map, so I hope it turns out okay

coppers: 2533
mood: sunset
style: tech

Times to beat:
: 1:00.00
: 48.00
: 42.00
: 39.41 (proud of that one xD)

Slides (ofc)
MT: intro, ingame, and outro
& more!

Thanks to:
(to keep the list short) The entirety of clan [uBp]



User Comments
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  Bucky 12-Feb-2009

Cpt.KBK - believe me, they'll keep comin'
Fordman - Thanks
santor - Thanks this is definitely a respawnable track
Opti - Gotta be one of the best awards I've gotten Thanks!
Bhoffmann - Thanks never get tired of watching suspension
Tompo - Thanks
theblackman - Please do!
eXtract - I'm used to not getting a lot of awards
Dutchy - Thx lovely
Sebi - Thx

--- 10 s --- (that's a first for me! )

Alba - glad you like it
Bboy - Thanks and great time
Tstar - Thx, nice
steve - Thanks will be hard for me as well
nascarnut - Thx
Darknoob - Thanks
Kwyk - Danke!
Neorush - Thanks you know I will!
TXTR! - Thx!
sammy - Thank you!

--- 20 s --- (WOOO! )

Denning - Thanks a bunch
discodoom - Thanks and thanks
Pain - well said
Sophie - Thanks
dfd.exe - Thx
kiko - Thank you
»Griff. - Thanks!
aneyoshi - Thx
HardDance - Oh I know Thanks
,,Januy - hehe thanks

--- 30 s --- (ZOMGWOOOW )

oxi|be - glad you like it
ANE.aenima - heh thanks
Junavara - tech really isn't so bad when it's done right
renki - thanks
Protége - thx
dow|.Dave. - zzzzZZZZzzzz thanks
park - Thanks!!
asylum'Overlord - thanks
Bl@derunner - thx
ShortzZ - wow! thanks!

--- 40 s --- (mhm )
  eXtracT 15-Feb-2009
get ready for a few replays mate ^ ^ we chose this map for our inlcan competition lets see what we get. . .
  Bucky 15-Feb-2009
Sweet! I'll have to post up my AT.
hopefully you don't beat it by too much
  Sebi.nGine | off 16-Feb-2009
nobody will beat this at by much
it's really good, i guess .2 or .1 is possible, but the last 2 turns are hard screw-ups
  Akashi | nGine 17-Feb-2009
I'm gonna go ahead and say .1x is definitely possible.
Could probably do a .0x but that'd have to be a pretty much perfect run.
  Bucky 17-Feb-2009
.17 is unbelievable. I agree that it won't get too much faster than that.
I don't think we'll see any 38's
  Dutchy! 17-Feb-2009
Haleluja b-Boy
  TX @ inactive 18-Feb-2009
gogo botw!
make that vid so i can give you an award, too
  Bucky 18-Feb-2009
done. I emailed it to you
  TX @ inactive 18-Feb-2009
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   ayen 15-May-2010
=] Great One Buddy
User Award   PN`Qwerty 15-May-2010
Fantastic techy

Creative slides, drops and transitions!
Some great combos too

Keep it up

User Award   pantseri 02-Jun-2010
Fantastic track with very cool mt
User Award   wormi 02-Jun-2010
Awesome shit!

I liked it, but last drop wasn't my style Good jopb anyway!

User Award   SabineGoth 10-Nov-2010
I just played it on the ppo server, and it made a lot of fun to drive it.
Speedy, with nice corners.

User Award   FT»eyebo 07-Mar-2011
Superb speedtech with awesome drifts and jumps/drops. I highly recommend it for online play. One of my favorites of yours.
User Award   Mewis 24-Jul-2013
User Award   waldfee 27-Apr-2015
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