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Name: Download Black Velvet FE
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 15-Feb-2009
TMX id: 906969
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments

Black Velvet Forever!

Hi everybody! Long time no see. Lots of people asked me to fix the start of Black Velvet for TMNF (car landed sideways after the reverse drop). All I had to do was lower the drop by 1 block and it works fine now.

While I was at it I foreverized the whole track. The track is about 1 second faster, the jump in the middle is a bit longer and I placed an engine kill block before the diagonal corner or whatever it's called.

But the track has overall pretty much the same feeling as the original.

-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 51:97
-Coppers: 4265
-Intro/Outro: tuned
-Mood: Night
-Original track: Black Velvet

Screenie 1920x1200

Also try my Canyon remake: Black Velvet Canyon (2012)

User Comments
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  rux 16-Feb-2009
it could be better if you only updated the scenery, and not the track. Just to give it a forever-feel.
  Fytrim. 17-Feb-2009
I have to agree with TB here
  SN.Wolf 17-Feb-2009
No offence bud , but you should have just fixed the drop and left it at that.
Although it is a nice Redux but the engine kill took the speed away just when it was getting "Reflex Intense".

I really enjoyed the original BV but as all good tracks it has the same epic turnout and ends up being played like a top ten song untill ya can't stand to see it anymore and tune to another track.

Full speed tracks where a challenge on TMN but have become so much easier with the new platform blocks in TMNF that i personally felt that this version Killed the originals feeling of speed VS. Flow.
Just felt to slow to hold the "Black Velvet" Name.
Sorry GR, But i am more in Fav of you originals.

  Just_I 17-Feb-2009
If you want to say something about overrated authors, keep the discussion in this topic, not here.

The next person who still complains here about awards being given just for the authors reputation, gets a 10 day ban on giving comments.
  acura_rsx/ broken hand >.< 17-Feb-2009
cool only 10days ^^
  TimeBreaker 18-Feb-2009
3 days more than I would've given

The thing I "liked" a lot in old tmn was the fact that the car can easily start sliding on the curbs, with the new platforms, this isnt possible anymore and since this was an annoying but also kinda motivating thing in most fullspeed tracks (since it keeps you crashing and trying again) , I do miss this here for sure. All the things where you had to take care not to start sliding before have been removed now, just like the last turn after the corkscrew, now theres a smooth transition between QP and platform. And the old start looked a lot coller imo. Damn, there's so much to argue on..
  Cypher 18-Feb-2009
Agree with timebreaker old scenery looked better imo, GR i think u were a bit lazy on the new scenery
  Hock 19-Feb-2009
Ok now i was immature but i have a wierd sense of humour so i think i'm funny and i'm gonna enjoy my 10days commentban!

Moderator edit:
You've been given what you asked for
  Kiko31.F® 19-Feb-2009
Great track of course, but already awarded on Tmn-x so not 2 awards for a same track .. 19-Feb-2009
Hock, u have three tracks with more awards than this one, so does that mean that everyone just awards u cause they know who u are?
You guys have no respect for GanjaRider. It's a pity. He is and will always be a TM legend, and I don't see why u can't take that?
  acura_rsx/ broken hand >.< 19-Feb-2009
there is no legend in tmx tmnx for me..but can we discuss in a other place please?
this shouldnt be the place for a discussion like this. thanks..
  kwyk 20-Feb-2009
hock ftw! hock's tracks are great...
  Giler 25-Feb-2009
Nice remake G not going to award it though as i awarded the other version but love the update. Its awesome to see you back old friends its been too long.

  Djoszee 24-Dec-2010
dont like the update, sorry. You should have just updated the buggy start and leave the rest.
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User Awards
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User Award   Therese Johaug 27-Sep-2009
simply one of the greatest FS tracks i ever drove ^^
User Award   Crazy_bee 02-Nov-2009
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel beter dan die oude Black Velvet!
Dat beginstuk achteruit vind ik dan niet zo goed en ook dat 'GTA2-vanbovenaf' gebeuren vind ik niks, maar de track is geweldig!
Echt heerlijk om te rijden! Ben er alleen niet zo goed in

User Award   Tox::Kingsslayer :-) 31-Dec-2009
User Award   Killcount 25-Jan-2010
Even better then the old one i like the whole track!!!

And yes the same feeling!
User Award   [KS]MEWIN -.- 29-Mar-2010
nearly the best track i ever drove
User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 08-Sep-2010
i love it
User Award   N i T R O 05-Oct-2010
User Award   Calum_:( 16-Apr-2011
User Award   Solaris 19-Feb-2013
User Award   Silver° 25-Apr-2015
Very nice one
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