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Registered : 17-Apr-2008
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hey guys,

I´m Eliphas
Country: Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne
Age: let me count... 14...murmel...16...grummel...murmel...20
Real name: Most times I here on Sebastian, but when I listen to my music I wont hear it

Also I make Screenshots and help you by the MT! Intro, Ingame, Outro! Just pm me
But beware: When I do something from the MT, I won´t award the track, because imo the MT-work is a important part of the track!!! But I don´t mean, that I comment your track

proud member of the Black Sapphire Productions

my favourite games:
~ Trackmania United Forever
~ World of Warcraft (Private Server)

programms and sites I use for Screenmaking:
~ Photoshop CS3 (after a while good to handle)
~ Gimp 2 (for beginner easy to handle)
~ (not often, but for beginner very easy to handle)
~ Imageshack
~ TinyPic

my favourite Trackmania styles:
~ FullSpeed
~ Speed-Tech

Solo tracks
Duo-track with MrZogger.~zT (Cold Case...)

- na -

my newest track:

DynaT!me by   Eliphas`

my best I think :
Under my Wheels by   Eliphas`

my Duo-maps:

with Raphael Sneider:
"Enter Sandman by   Raphael Sneijder_Eliphas"
with Spooky:
"[Duo] Further on Up the Road by   Eliphas`"
with zT|Brenni:
"Surrender by   Brenni & Eliphas"
with Joe.B:
"Bathing in Shadows. (MTC) by   Eliphas_vs._Joe.B"

my Classics:
"Enter Sandman by   Raphael Sneijder_Eliphas"
"Under my Wheels by   Eliphas`"

"See Trough Dreams by   Eliphas`"
"TheHuntEffect by   Eliphas`"
"ReBirth by   Eliphas`"
"Under my Wheels by   Eliphas`"
"The Shining by   Eliphas`"

Screenshots I made for:

- "ÐïŠtUrbiàby   marci111"
- "RuleZ by   17Massi"
- "Incredibles by   GL Notrub"
- "Do ya Thang by   GSA|dynamYte"
- "The Black Sapphire by   BSP Community"
- "Hydrophobia by   nitro.~uT'"
- "~FUEL~(MTC) by   sound"

Intros, Ingame and/or Outros I made:

- "Light Of Nighten by   Darryl"
- "The Black Sapphire by   BSP Community"
- "Hydrophobia by   nitro.~uT'"
- "Croatia~ by   brenni"
- "The Black Sapphire 2 by   BSP Community"

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