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New tracks on MX.

Originally posted by About me. ...

-First name: Giuseppe
-Nick name: xDRAGONS|Master94ga
-Login: master94ga
-Country: Italy/Sicily
-Age: 25

Originally posted by TMX User Choice Awards ...

2010: Best Dirt Builder
2012: Best dirt builder

Originally posted by Last track. ...

Black Death. by   master94ga

Originally posted by More award. ...

Blum. by   master94ga

Originally posted by ARC ...

"ARC2 - Master94ga by   master94ga"
"ARC4 - master94ga by   ARC 2013"
"ARC2020 - master94ga [D] by   ARC2020"

Originally posted by Duo. ...

"The Duke of MasterPieces by   The4thduke_Master94ga" ~ Dirt whit the4thduke!
"D!amond On A Landm!ne by   Jaxel_Taz_Master" ~ Trio track, made whit taz and jaxel!
"seEd oF pAiN by   master94ga_the-lara" ~ Dirt duo track whit lara, BM!
"Dirty side by   master94ga_taz-" ~ Really good and fun dirt track, whit taz!
"Out of the Past by   pantseri_master94ga" ~ Dirt duo made whit pantseri!
"TMX - community - dirt 3 by   TMX Community" ~ Tmx community dirt 3!
"Dirt house. by   master94ga_littleturtle" ~ Nice dirt track whit turtle
"Perfect World by   master94ga_habby" ~ Awesome dirt track whit habby
"Never FourGotten by   TMX FriendZ" ~ Dirt whit speedevolution,acura_rsx and spiky
"MCSB - Solution by   master94ga_tha-gun" ~ Dirt track whit tha-gun!
"republic. by   master94ga_littleturtle" ~ Tech track whit turtle
"easier said than done by   master94ga_wormi" ~ Tech track whit wormi
"The legend of Duke by   master_pants_mako" ~ Dirt track whit pantseri and makonen
"DTC - FuS!on by   rocket|master" ~ Dirt track whit rocket!
"No ideas! by   master94ga_kotarou" ~ Dirt track whit kotarou!
"Hell's Kitchen! by   master94ga_habichuelo" ~ Dirt track whit habichuelo!
"Summertime! by   master94ga&nix" ~ Dirt track whit nix!
"DTC² - Inside the World by   master94ga_DrKris" ~ Dirt track whit DrKris!

Originally posted by Dedications to me. ...

"tribute to master94ga by   Chalion" ~ First tribute to me, really thanks!
"Masters Playground by   Dule" ~ Unexpected tribute, really thanks!
"Tribute to by   wormi" ~ Piece of art.
"limoncello by   pantseri" ~ Impressive surprise!

Originally posted by MT works. ...

"LaRa Zegt Vaarwel by   LaRa" ~ Dirt track!
"ZunduraZ by   Chalion" ~ Dirt track!
"Sound Of Silence by   Azinicious" ~ Tech track!

Originally posted by Scenary works. ...

"Bird Cage by   franomik" ~ Dirt track!
"But I Like It by   franomik" ~ Dirt track!
"Broken Track by   franomik" ~ Dirt track!
"To.Pantseri by   Chalion" ~Dirt track!

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