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Hi folks!

o Online since the 17th of January 2010
o Five times winner of the MTC - Monthly Track Contest
o Joined the TMX-BASCO-competition in 2011 and 2013
o Four CLASSIC-maps: "Elusive", "The Strength to go on", "BreaK the rulezZ" "(MTC)all falls down!"
o Many MT-works for some guys here on TMX (see long list below)
o Chosen for the second best Fullspeed-Mapper and the second best MT-Maker by the Users-Choice-Awards 2011 and the Best MT-Maker in 2012
o Winner of the World Best Mapper-Competition hosted by jstc
o Two times chosen for the 25th door of the Christmas Calendar Project


NY-Basco-FS by   New Year Basco

FS - NY Basco 2013 by   New Year Basco 2013



(MTC) Beautiful Nightmare ; « by   Mastermind_Rainzor

Encore. by   Mastermind & Nexus

DTC - Take 'em Down! by   Mastermind & Dule

Quezacoatls Destiny [RPG] by   mastermind&pascow

to them these streets belong by   Mastermind & McBong

Coming Back For SpeedZ by   Mastermind&Spooky

ESL - Double Punch by   mastermind_wohnungsnomade

DTC7 - To Hell and Back! by   Mastermind & Dule

The last prodigy by   nixx-Mastermind


There are also some videos for my tracks or tracks with an Intro made by me:

A Land without Colors
DTC - Take 'Em Down - 2012 (feat. Dule)
CCP#25 - 2016
CLASSIC - Elusive
MTC - December 2017
MTC - January 2018

Here you can find all the tracks with an Intro made by me (in order of appearance)

"`Sound of Destiny. « by   rain."
"~ Spring Fever (MTC) * by   rain."
"Afternoon Sunshine! by   MaC « psycho"
"in©øntext by   dadm"
"Pursuit of Happiness. by   rain."
"Mystic MOuntain ! by   makonen.nwt"
"#ops _ turbo by   comedY_xT."
"[FS] Hot & Spicy by   iMap // gone OFF4EVER"
"[FS]Remember Tomorrow by   Prestito"
"Techius' * by   Nyrb!uz"
"Cold Waters by   makonen.nwt"
"HeartBreaker by   Swiepje <3"
"V.ision by   Raffi"
"Conquest of Paradise by   uetzer|R4a"
"Digital World by   Hitchy"
"Pain 0f ChaOs by   makonen.nwt"
[PF] Paced Fever by   Raiman/Wantedboii

"Im Alive by   Razo.'R |R4a"
"Diplo's Hunt! by   diplo|mp"
"Wild Rush [FS] by   igntuL"
"Next by   Zenit"
"~The" End. by   Jutzel"
"ARC2 - der bozz by   der-bozz.esu"
"Black Betty by   makonen.nwt"
"MTC » Mystic Island by   der-bozz.esu"
"Zombie Invasion #2 by   DrKris"
"Freedom of Thought by   Flyps"
"Daisetsuzan by   makonen.nwt"
"¬odessa by   alfred"
"» Free by   Flyps"
".SilverLight° by   »Accelerated"
"Four Seasons | Autumn by   Kumpelblase"
"come alive. by   brenni&comedY"
"Ppr:kuT by   comedY_xT."
[PF] Principium finis by   Flyps

"CCP#02 - Lydia. by   Dule"
"Return to da Hood by   GodofWar"
"T O R N A Ð O by   SR Jokester"
"Shagadelic Flow' by   apX. agent"


I've never expected something like that but some awesome guys built a track as a tribute to me

Mastermind by   Lefterakos

Field Barrier [FS] by   MaC « psycho

Begin Attempt by»

»Speedius Maximus. by   Dule

.mastermind" by   »Jan'Ho.

Enjoy hunting and keep playing


Mastermind - 2020-10-20

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