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Hi! I'm [DFF]wormí27z and I'm also known as kybermato or w_rmi

See my old interview project

Me | who I am?

Finnish / Male / Student / 1993 / Music lover / League mapper / old

Newest track | or at least one of them

Part of me by   wormi

Featured | one of my best maps

MTC wHole p12za, please! by   wormi

Duos | tracks in which I'm featuring

CCP#24 - No Snowmen Harmed by   nvm_hubby_wormi

sunset +2 manaan by   wormi_RaµL

"CCP#24 - heartdrops by   matto&wormi"
"MTC - Fortes fortuna adiuvat by   wormi_der-bozz"
"DTC3 - Ultima Ratio by   wormi_der-bozz"
"TMX Community Tech '13 by   TMX Community"
"Happy New Year by   waitforme_2"
"STC9/NC8 Higgs by   wormi_mr.hubby"
"Underground searchers. by   worm&wormi"
"DTC - Alea Iacta Est by   wormi_der-bozz"
"ROC ¬ Sabotage by   deejay_wormi"
T H R I C E (mtc) by   pantseri_Wormi

"Stay on my side by   FBMprojects"
"EC - DoubleTheTrouble by   micasso_kybermato"
"Bratwurst by   pantseri_Wormi"
"Vivid Nite by   erggii_kybermato"
"Tribute To Robin by   erggii_kybermato"
"easier said than done by   master94ga_wormi"
"[FS] Der Einfall by   Luumu"
"TMX Community Dirt Track2 by   TMX Community"

My classics | My tmx classic maps

FDC maps | maps by the Finnish Dirt Community

"FDC Midsummer Madness by   finnishdirtcommunity"
"FDC Outbreak by   finnishdirtcommunity"

Tributes to me | somehow I have got em ._.

"ultima thule by   pantseri"
"NorthStAr by   'nwt' ®ocket"
"Worm by   Jellona"

Some favorite authors | from all tm environments

sol666 JumperJack tcq
CvRk nevermind Zooz
Marius89 eyebo Kryw
maximus Samuel Quat
rad SapphiroN Mikey
discodoom matto rad
TurbRono RauL Agidd
Juspe sho0ta Superal
Zengo Lolita Arkone
klovni pansteri Skapth
aenima Tona Kajczy
mr.hubby Joost Hitchy
ZoggeR Gizmo Taka
tmjonas Superal Matth
Vastapaavi spn Etidu
Kyo Zepset pascow
Bajs master94ga NrjZ
Raffi der-bozz totogar
wally maxiL
link' simo_900 aiden.KraL
Triple.shoot !k7 sir B
...and others...

See more on my tmX united page!
Especially for league maps!


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