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Registered : 11-Sep-2010
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Welcome to my profile!

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TM Login: Nick_555
Current Username: Simply Nick
Team atm: TC (TMU)
Nationality: Australian

Random Info:

Mostly play for fun. Play alot in because it's where I hunt alot for fun.


Trackmania United Forever / Nations Forever
Status: TM, on when I can be (on mostly in weekends and whenever study doesn't take over ) but play TMUF fairly often.

Currently play TM2 Stadium the most because it runs a whole lot smoother but come into TMUF for fun quite often .

Where the love started ,
Don't play any more.
Funny how that was over 10 years ago now .

Other TM's
Didn't really play too much of any and played mostly offline only.

Developers only in it for the money in my opinion and it's just a redevelopment and downed version for consoles with only better graphics enhancements. So currently don't see any point in buying it.

Favourite environments in order:
Love TMNF environment - mostly what i play now:
Followed by:
Then still love TMO environments:

Closely behind because of the incredible speed fun (but probably because I play Keyboard):

and least favourite although still excessively fun (also probably because I play Keyboard):

Overall i still love each environment now as i don't particularly play competitively other than hunting mostly on stadium

Not very many achievements as i rather help out in & TM community
Main help was in 2013, 2014 & 2015 TMXCh
Also havn't been in too many comps cause' of living in the other side of the world
But either way have fun with what I have

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Awards Received : 14 Show
Awards Given : 87 Show
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United 24 66 0
Stadium 24 66 0
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