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Also known as: scourge_forge (TMUF in-game. Creative, isn't it? )

My trackbuilding style:

I try not do to a track that is one thing only. That is only (or pure) Fullspeed, Tech or anything. Of course many tracks have a main theme.

I like driving that is diverse and tracks challenging only in time, not in finishing.

I do not like the word "flow" too much since "flow" is used so often when people don't know what else to say. I'd rather speak of "timing" (of drifts, jumps and so on) or "pace" (alteration between fast and slow parts, checkpoint placement).

I really like most Nadeo maps from TMNF - I haven't played the old TMN tracks - and try to get that feeling into my own tracks.

My policy on respawns is: "If you can't respawn, make an alternative route. If you can't make that, don't put a checkpoint."

Scenery is important for me since that's what sticks in my head when I'm done driving the track. I like my scenery open and interesting, not tightly pressed against the track. Very important is that everything is somewhat supported by something. Floating blocks are an eyesore for me...

I don't care much for intros and especially not for outros.

I think I invented the AID (Advanced Instructor of Driving) GPS - I don't know if the idea was present before, but if it was... well, I don't know about it. If you want to know what that is, check out some of my tracks that have this feature implemented.

Semi-successful tracks (10 awards or over):

H o t T i n R o o f by   scourge_forge

The RIGHT Drift Dosage by   scourge_forge

momentum....mori by   scourge_forge

It´s gettin´ dirt outside... by   scourge_forge

Previously Unreleased by   scourge_forge

§yndenboque by   scourge_forge

Ripping the Drift by   scourge_forge

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