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Welcome to my account, I'm Willigamer (well, you don't learn anything special xD) but everyone just calls me Willi
My real name is William, I'm 20 and I'm a French player who has been playing Trackmania since 2006. After discovering this game over time and having discovered all the maps of the single player campaign, I stopped playing Trackmania for a few years (a kind of break/weariness of the game). It is around 2012-2013 (I don't really remember) that I come back on this game, as well as the discovery of Nascars maps which was a favorite for me (knowing that I have always loved the maps Endurance). From 2016, I started to create all kinds of different maps, which will become a personalized campaign (I think to publish them on TMX, once they are all finished ). In those times, I also started to get involved in discovering new maps with lots of different styles, using the skills I had on Nadeo campaign maps. This allows me to be versatile in the game and to be able today to adapt and participate in many different challenges.

In June 2018, right after my baccalaureate exams, I created my biggest map and my favorite to date :

[235³] Preservation by   Willigamer

Today I'm a player based on SpeedTech/Tech and Nascar/Endurance maps, even if I can play on several different types/modes of maps (except RPG/Maze/Trial where there isn't beautiful to see me xD)

¤¤¤¤ History Events ¤¤¤¤
[Individual Event] PrimeTimeCup 2017
[Teams Event] Spring Nascar Cup 2018
[Internal Event] Winner JPC2018
[Individual Event] Winner Valmara Nascar Event 2019
[Teams Event] quart-final of Spring Nascar Cup 2020
[Duo Event] Duo Track Contest #9 2020
[Individual Event] Top 9 G4'S Weekly Race 2020

***** My teams *****
--> Zr (Zorscy Nascar)
--> FRT (Fun Racing Team)
--> Bro's [my current team]

=== WilliTrack maps ===
...Coming Soon...

=== WilliNascar maps ===
...Coming Soon...

<> Other Links <>
Youtube Channel:
Shared maps (Required TMUF): tmtp:///:maniaspace?user=williboy69
Link of my team (FRT):
Discord Bro's:

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