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heyho! You can PM me if you want a track for your tournament / if u know any tournaments that needs tracks

My most awarded/played/downloaded tracks thx ppl !

TmT - woodkid by   dadous | mp

"TMM-unis0n¬TC12. by   dadous | mp"

June 6th 2O1O, 2 o'clock in the night
last edit: November 15th, 2011

Hello !

About Me

My Name Is David , I live in Canada, Quebec, and I usually speak french
I can speak english, but it's far from perfect
I'm 17 yrs old(on 2011), born on October 17th

In TM, my nickname is ''dadous'', my login is ''dadou17'' and I am currently in the team '' Minipeace '' , an international team
(before: Legion of Doom, Elixir, eNigma)
I prefer Stadium , so I don't really do maps on other elements( I like to call them like this).. but I have a few maps on TMUFX, like a desert track with the stadium car

Scenery services: Yes, just PM me ( 500-1000coppers $/showcase)

Have Fun playing my tracks, and ALWAYS let comments or an award here are some of my techs


"XLParty’’tourniquet by   dadous | mp"
"XLParty’’galaxy by   dadous | mp"
"XLParty’’dubStep (MEO) by   dadous | mp"
"XLParty Skimer&wazH’’reMember.. by   dadous | mp"
"XLParty’’eNigma by   dadous | mp"
"XLParty’’Intensions by   dadous | mp"
"XLParty’’InfinitiZ by   dadous | mp"

TracksForOtherCompetitions ->

"STC8/NC7 - eliXir by   dadous | mp" - STC/NC 2011
"SNTML - ServietSky by   dadous | mp" - Sunday Night TM League 1
"GS LanArena - &tiquette by   dadous | mp"
"ARC - DADOUS - 2 by   dadous | mp" - TMX Allround Championship 2010
"CSL - Devour by   dadous | mp" - CSLeagues (CzechoSlovakia League), the CZ/SK section of ESL
"GT2010 »DDS« by   dadous | mp"

MiniZ! ->

"Hunt th!s - 1 by   dadous | mp" - Hunt th!s 1
"g0t swag ! by   dadous | mp"
"levitate by   dadous | mp"
"hsp - BrandNewDay by   dadous | mp"

Tech/Speedtech ->

"Outta breath. by   dadous | mp"
"w i t c h c r a f t by   dadous | mp"
"Drifting Slides by   dadous | mp"
"Walking on the sun by   dadous | mp"


It's ''GreenSpeed'' by OLDA_X ( only on TMUFX)
I really loved this track during a long time. When I started playing TM, I trained it A LOT! and I was obsessed of the idea to have a dedi .. which I finally got with 34.90
I had luck, my friend Spirit had the first dedi, so I could train with his replay
But my dedi is currently out ( 30th dedi is 34.90, but mine is out)
I loved this track because I was noob and I could not did techs, so I trained on FS


This track changed my vision of TM and of mapping
I stopped doing noobmaps and I became better and better in mapping
I trained it a lot, and I had the first dedi during a moment, but I'm currently out of top 10.. I think I kept the WR in rounds (my PB)

F!ow by   TurbRono

My School

I learned to drift with people, of course, but with a precise map
Speedtech, long curves, easy to finish, but hard to have a nice time.. I don't really liked it at start, but I finally loved it
I'm today not so away from dedis, but it stills too hard for me One day

Iron Maiden by   Torress


''listening about how annoying I am is annoying too''
- Dan!el

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