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Name: Download Dirtbound
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pantseri
Version: 25-Mar-2010
Released: 25-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2509436
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:58.52   Space+ 0:00.81-
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Author Comments


Dirtbound - 04/07/2014 - Classic!

Here's my latest track.

Very technical dirt track with some nice variety.
(at least i thought so )

I tried to make a track with contrast.
Something that is little different than my others.
It starts with lots of scenery and technical parts,
but when your getting closer to end
scenery gets fewer and road has gone almost plain dirt road.

I think racing it could be fun since it hasn't
"very hard" parts and should be respawnable on every cp.
Although it has enough challenge even for those alien drivers too

Well, enough of this yapping... GOGOGO!

ps. there's much hunting to do because authortime sucks bad

... and ofc Replays, feedback and awards are more than welcome


Author: 0:59.95

Big Screen
Environment: stadium
Mood: sunrise
Coppers: 3603
GPS time: 59.98


Good Luck & Have Fun!


Friction Loss by   pantseri_der-bozz

1000 DL's thanks for playing

User Comments
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  pantseri 25-Mar-2010
~*~*~* THX 4 THE *~*~*~
1. Kinetic|Robin - thx for your kind words, nice replay and ofc
2. rexis - thx for thinking so
3. HankMcWallace - very nice thx
4. sol666 - great thx to you my friend
5. nair - thx for this awesome & replay ... buddy
6. sun2 - great thx to you bro
7. Buddha* - thx for this nice & feedback
8. nils10 - best description so far ... thx 4 that
9. ichebem - great thx to you dude
10. .Dotchy - amazing thx for your kind words m8
11. 'Flowin'Dino - once again awesome thx 2u
12. TGYoshi - thx for the feedback &
13. The End. - big thanks to you fella
14. »Matty' - - 600th
15. LiuWong -
16. der-bozz - just awesome thx to you mate
17. Worm - you're so hard to please ... thx m8
18. nynx - WHOOAAA BIG THX!
19. Chad - amazing thx buddy
20. Easy-Rider - very BIG thx for you nice words & my friend
21. ~ET~ - heyyy thx for this nice
22. ehrli - great thx
23. »' DuTChy - thx i try to do my best
24. dark»puddle' - great thx
25. Junavara - thx very much
26. vompatti - awesome thx
27. »Flo.F® - brilliant thanks
28. steurm - really big thx for your nice
29. master94ga - very nice thx
30. SapphiroN - i'm really glad you like it
31. Mr.Hubby - thx for your honest feedback &
32. NVP°° Morte_745 - nice thx to you
33. »d!plO« - great thx
34. spasZ - very nice thx
35. spn o.0 ~uT - big thx for your nice words &
36. Billyboy - great thx again
37. JaXeL - thanks for your very profound comment *) &
38. Roomie¬ Asumaaaaa - amazing thx
39. Zenit - damn good thx
40. ThE__VoOdOo - nice thx 2 u
41. «dMw» - one of the best thx that i've give
42. Halogucker - great thx to you man
43. TIB.veCtor - beautiful thx
44. Herr_Fuchs - i'm glad you like it m8
45. pennel - nice thx to you
46. 0wn3r - so nice that you like it
47. SniperWolf14 - thx for your very nice words
48. Giro - very nice thx
49. lucasscz - perfect thanks to you
50. stoupa108 - nice thanks =)
51. sumo1 - lovely thx mate
52. Benbe - awesome thx mate
53. Gnark - i'm so glad that you like it... thx
54. Cyber_Dragon - nice thx to you m8
55. mako - big thx to you m8
56. asylum'rocket - awesome thx m8
57. The4thDuke - big thanks to you buddy
58. X-Racer - cool thing to hear, thx m8
59. swiepje - big thx to you dude
60. SSRChalioN - HUGE thx for this 60th buddy
61. gswe81 - wow VNT ... ofc nice thx for your m8
62. space - woowiii you act guys have nice hunt going on ... thx m8
63. rodeo <3 - thx m8
64. daniver - thank you
65. Arpe - thanks for your feedback
  master94ga 25-Mar-2010
Another track
After test it
  pantseri 25-Mar-2010
Well that other was duo
  nair 25-Mar-2010

  DDR.Buddha 25-Mar-2010
will test is later this day and give feedback then
  pantseri 25-Mar-2010
@nair -

@Buddha* - well, i wanted to add jump to this track. At 1st it was tightly calculated, but then i noticed that it needed almost perfect speed to succeed. So i made this little more user friendly way. It goes little over but doesn't make you curse so much
  wormi 26-Mar-2010
Congratulations for 600th award mate!
  pantseri 26-Mar-2010
@worm - Thanks buddy ... big milestone!

@JaXel *) - Thanks for you very profound feedback. I really appreciate your efford to write me so thorough analysis
You're quite right when you said i make tracks for all. Main goal to me is produce tracks for RR-teams servers and too much experimental parts usually ruins most drivers online experience. I can promise that i make something unorthodox in near future and try to be more indie tracker than i've used to be.

  JaXeL 28-Mar-2010
I only want to remind you that this is a mine personal parer, for my personal tastes, and you should know I'm not very normal ^^
So I don't want to ruin all, because I don't know how many ppl here gotta my same ideals.. I think not so much ^^
Anyway, no problem
  wormi 31-Mar-2010
@pantseri Huvittavaa Heti kun tulee mun mielestä sulta ei-niin-hyvä rata verrattuna moneen muuhun (mikä ei todellakaan tarkoita sen olevan huono), kaikki muut tykkää siitä Gz viikon parhaasta
  pantseri 31-Mar-2010
@worm - joo nii se vaan menee Kiitokset!
  Dutchy! 02-Apr-2010
Gratz with 50 awards
  pantseri 03-Apr-2010
@»' DuTChy - yeah, thanks
  wormi 29-May-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   gswe81 20-Aug-2010
If I had a manual gearbox, this map would be very much easier
The gear changes keeps coming on the most inapropriate places.
Anyway I enjoyed hunting on this map and its as good as i come to expect from you
nice one
User Award   Space 28-Jun-2011
Nice map

But, like gus, I don't like automatic gear with those TM car ... ^^
User Award   R4aI|rodeo 06-Sep-2011
User Award   daniver 22-Nov-2012
Just a masterpiece I think

User Award   Arpe 18-Dec-2012
Track is a bit buggy but once you get that one lucky round its awesome. Lovely track with great corners!

Well done
User Award   WiiDii 20-Nov-2017
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