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Name: Download Japan mini rembr.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   elaus43
Version: 21-Oct-2019
Released: 21-Oct-2019
TMX id: 7602147
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 88,521
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 30s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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0:28.53   GaLLi"+ 0:00.0088,521
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0:28.54   ch1mp+ 0:00.0188,335
0:28.68   fastxz+ 0:00.1585,729
0:28.69   Joopie+ 0:00.1685,543
0:28.73   stefan_markus+ 0:00.2084,797
0:28.77   revlix+ 0:00.2484,053
0:28.77   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:00.2484,053
0:28.77   Mikha'+ 0:00.2484,053
0:28.78   .nixx+ 0:00.2583,867
0:28.83   Screwy+ 0:00.3082,936
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Author Comments

Hi all

I would like to say a few words about this route.
It's not often that I drive online on servers routes, it has to do especially with my miserable internet speed. But when I lived elsewhere about 10 years ago, it was faster and I had a lot of fun doing some laps with friends in the evenings. A particularly nice address was the server Japan Minis. It was 99% always routes that were in closed halls. I would like to say that the style of these routes has also accompanied / inspired me on my way.
For a very sad reason, the site was taken off the net because one of the founders died of nuclear consequences of Fukushima !!!
His friends ended the project out of compassion.
Never have I forgotten either one or the other, and so the idea to build a Japanese minis style lived on in me.
Often these routes included jumps and changing surfaces. What made them entertaining for my taste.
I was happy to work for certain memories, but I also want to remain a one-of-a-kind piece. In Memoriam, so to speak.
Maybe one or the other of you, who still met the Japan minis and sometimes was a guest.
Despite the sad background, I wish you fun and let the tires squeal.

your elaus

User Comments
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  SunBeam 21-Oct-2019
At first i thought the finish way is synchron, but so its nice 2
Sorry for the bad time, i'm not offroad master
  elaus43 21-Oct-2019
Your time isn't bad at all
  stefan_markus 21-Oct-2019
28.xx incoming
i used the japan skin as a tribute
  elaus43 21-Oct-2019
i see
  stefan_markus 21-Oct-2019
I don't remember playing on this server, but these hall structures make for a special atmosphere. I really like it

edit: great fight michael! I just pulled this 28.7x off after seeing your dirtramp part gogo 28.6x
  Joopie 22-Oct-2019
ohh right i totally forgot you can just jump direct to dirt instead taking the road turn
  egan314 23-Oct-2019
I both really like and really dislike this track. When everything goes smooth, it feels like a good track with good flow that was fun to play.

Every other time it feels like a troll track. The road piece after the 2nd checkpoint is fairly buggy, the 3rd cp is very annoying to maintain enough speed to reach, and the 4th cp might as well have a long straight to finish after it. What I mean by the 4th cp part is once you go throw the 4th cp, your time is practically pre-determined by how much speed you have and everything before it means far less than having a lot of speed through that 1 cp. Tracks with long sections where large time differences are made by small speed differences have always been something I hate.

Overall, slightly better than okay track that has the potential to be really good.
  MoonShadow 24-Oct-2019
@#$#@#$...fu*king dirt..@#$#@#@
  elaus43 31-Oct-2019
@ thx egan314 for ya detailed critic
  Joopie 17-Nov-2019
  egan314 09-Jan-2020
Played this again trying to get myself some LB. Now that I'm better at the game, those problems bugged me far less, and I can also see the flip side of what I previously hated: If you get a lot of speed through the last CP, you are heavily rewarded.
  Joopie 25-Jun-2020
How far can we push the LB , and the time
PB: 28.69
  egan314 28-Jun-2020
I just threw away a 28.80 with a 0.07 second time loss after a bad ramp low jump
  Joopie 22-Jul-2020
-0.13 fails on .69... and some other really good runs what end up with a wallbang crash from dirt to freewheeling

this is a truely masterpiece of a classic map to comeback each time on it.
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User Awards
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User Award   SunBeam 21-Oct-2019
User Award   stefan_markus 21-Oct-2019
I can really feel the goob vibes from online play. Great track layout and fun to play
User Award   Mikha' 21-Oct-2019
User Award   juanv149 21-Oct-2019
User Award   Lovva 29-Oct-2019
User Award   Joopie 28-Jun-2020
User Award   egan314 28-Jun-2020
Such an amazing track. Every time I come back to it, I improve by another 10th or more of a second too.
User Award   ch1mp 20-Jan-2021
that was a good hunt
User Award   GaLLi" 18-May-2021
Really good one
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