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Winner of TMX Users' Choice Award 2012 on dirt building. Big thanks to all voters

Winner of TMX Users' Choice Award 2011 on dirt building. Big thanks to all voters

Winner of TMX Users' Choice Award 2010 on dirt building. Big thanks to all voters

Quote ...
o Best Dirt Builder: He's guilty in making your mom washing your clothes because they're full of dirt. Though, do you even care about that? He makes great tracks on dirt, it's   pantseri


Latest dirts
r h y m e by   pantseri

ROC ¬bleedin by   pantseri

Caipirinha by   pantseri

limoncello by   pantseri

BDB - Boogie Chillun by   pantseri

gone by dawn by   pantseri

(tSC) aurinKo by   pantseri

Out of Shape by   pantseri

simple things by   pantseri

lost in a dream by   pantseri

Duo & Trio tracks
CCP#25 - Chasing Rudolph by   Pantseri_Cranberries

DTC² - Survival of the Fittest by   pantseri_der-bozz

compadres by   pantseri_duke

-Buddha- by   pantseri&dum

the Deuce by   nospor2

"T H R I C E (mtc) by   pantseri_Wormi"
"The legend of Duke by   master_pants_mako"
"Bratwurst by   pantseri_Wormi"
"Frozen Hell by   sol666_mummy_pantseri"
"ESL DirtyHell by   sol666_pantseri"
"The Red in the Sky is ours by   sol666_pantseri"
"Friction Loss by   pantseri_der-bozz"
"Big Kahuna by   pantseri_sun2"
"FinalCause by   pantseri_quaka"
"Out of the Past by   pantseri_master94ga"

Community tracks
"FDC Outbreak by   finnishdirtcommunity"
"FDC Midsummer Madness by   finnishdirtcommunity"
"TMX Community Dirt Track2 by   TMX Community"

Tributes for me... BIG thx to you mates!
"Pant-Story by   Deejay| On MX"
"BDB-Pant'aloon Sands by   R4aI|rodeo"
"Jussi by   DDR.Buddha"
"»Be a Legend. by   eNks"
"Tribute to pantseri by   der-bozz.esu"
"Tribute to Pantseri by   Fakerack"
"To.Pantseri by   Chalion"
"Dirt for Pantseri by   speedevolution"
"Tribute To Pantseri by   KostjeN´"
"Tribute ² Pantseri by   Mixi"
"Master of Dirt by   .Habby|No Web Again :("
"Pant'serï =02= by   'nwt' ®ocket"
"Pant'serï =01= by   'nwt' ®ocket"
"FinnishDreams by   DDR.Buddha"
"For Pantseri by   moutmout"
"For Pantseri by   master94ga"
"Varten Pantseri by   LaRa"

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